Venus is the second planet from the Sun. It is a terrestrial planet and the third-smallest planet in our Solar System.

Properties Edit

Venus may be the second planet from the Sun, but it is the hottest planet in the Solar System. This is because of it's atmosphere. It's 96.5% CO2, which is a greenhouse gas. Not only that, but the atmosphere has 92x more pressure, so you'll be squashed flat (and also melted). These conditions make the temperature on Venus, on average, 466.85 °C. That is more than enough to melt Lead! Venus is also sometimes called the 'Evening Star' because it generally appears in the Evening. And in places without city lights, Venus isn't hard to miss. It's the 2nd brightest object in the night sky. And it's far brighter than any star. In fact, more UFO sightings are reported when Venus is closest to Earth.

Radius 6,051.8 km
Minimum Temperature 436.8 °C
Maximum Temperature 496.9 °C
Day -243.025 days (sidereal)-116.75 days (solar)
Year 224.7 days
Distance from Sun 0.723332 AU
Moons 0
Tilt 177.36°
Apparent Magnitude -4.9 (v)
Gravity 8.87 m/s2
Earth Similarity 0.494